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Automated token exchange

A grant has been awarded to build an automated token exchange using Obyte. Amongst other things it will make it easier to trade tokens without the hassle of going through an order book and learning how an exchange works. The exchange will also make it possible for Autonomous Agents to automate trading once released on the mainnet.

Long time community member Fabien will be building it. He has previously built an Obyte JavaScript library and, a non-financial data explorer for Obyte.

New independent witness

The p2p charity donation platform PolloPollo that runs on Obyte is the latest independent witness to be added to the default hub. A big thanks to everyone that participated in the poll, and more than 41 Terabytes of wallet balance was used to vote. PolloPollo is the 4th independent witness.You can see the others here.

Obyte witnesses are often misunderstood: they are nothing like miners and do not validate transactions. We made a witness overview guide (PDF) which may help your understanding. This is probably the easiest to understand and most newcomer friendly resource on witnesses we have. Please save this link and share with anyone interested in knowing more/becoming a witness.

New testnet wallet

Wallet 3.0.2t has been released on testnet with multiple improvements to Autonomous Agents. We expect the mainnet version to be released within around one month, which means Autonomous Agents should be live soon. As you probably already know, this release will greatly increase the development opportunities for the Obyte platform.

Roses are red, Obyte is blue

Today is Valentines Day which means overpriced flowers and very overpriced meals in restaurants. If this Valentines day you fancy making some money instead of spending it then enter the Obby Valentines day poem competition!

The rules are simple: write a poem (any word length) that starts with “roses are red” and refers to crypto in some way (it doesn’t need to be Obyte specific). Post your poem on Reddit. The best poem wins 25 GigaBlackbytes, and the winner will be chosen February 17.


The Obyte platform (written in familiar Node.js) is easy to develop for using simple yet powerful Lego-like building blocks of code. Learn more on the developer website or take the interactive developer quiz.

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