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PolloPollo nominated for an award

Once a year, the non-profit organization Blockchain For Humanity (B4H) celebrates the best and most promising projects that use distributed ledgers to benefit humanity, and PolloPollo has been nominated for an award.

Venezuela-based Santiago Law has played a crucial part in raising awareness of the platform among fellow Venezuleans, and there is an opportunity to have Santiago on one or more of the panel discussions at the yearly B4H event. We believe the Obyte features making the PolloPollo platform so unique will potentially be relevant to other charitable organizations attending the conference in Uruguay, but getting Santiago there has a cost.

PolloPollo is 100% non-profit relying on volunteers and support from the Obyte community which raised money to make Santiago's trip happen. Massive thanks the community!

New real-time circulating supply source

Many people check the circulating supply of Bytes on CoinMarketCap which was not always up to date. From now on, the real-time circulating supply is now available on CoinMarketCap, which currently shows 72.6% of all Bytes that will ever exist are in circulation. More real time stats are available on Obyte Stats.

New exchanges

The exchange section on has been updated with some new exchanges and coin swapping services. CoinMarketCap currently only lists two of them because the coin swapping services use the most active exchanges, CoinGecko lists more exchanges where Obyte is available. Bittrex is the most popular by volume, though cryptox in particular is worth consideration as it’s been run since we launched in 2016 by grzem from the Obyte community.

Obyte Asset Registry returns

The registry has returned and now runs on better hardware than before.

Reminder - anyone can issue their own public or private assets on the Obyte platform. Currently the two best known assets are Bytes (public) and Blackbytes (private).

Another hammer won

Obyte won the THOR Challenge 2019 for the second consecutive year. This is a competition between teams of the World Community Grid, which allows you to use idle time of your computer to help scientists solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability. Team Obyte currently has 1,495 active members.

If you are still not making use of your computer's idle time, please join team Obyte! See the original announcement for details on how to do so.


The Obyte platform (written in familiar Node.js) is easy to develop for using simple yet powerful Lego-like building blocks of code. Learn more on the developer website.

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