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John McAfee on The Obyte Podcast

Computer programmer and businessman, John McAfee, made a guest appearance on The Obyte Podcast. John is one of the most colorful and best known personalities in the crypto space and we were delighted he came on the show.

Privacy and decentralized exchanges are two of his interests, so we naturally asked if he had heard of Blackbytes, the private coin of the Obyte platform that doesn’t record transaction data on a public ledger (it’s so private that it should not be traded on centralized exchanges). Turns out he hadn't heard of them (he has now).

Note - The Obyte Podcast is a continuation of the Obyte Community Radio Show that was previously published on YouTube. We are switching the format away from live video to pre-recorded audio. There is no current schedule, so if you want to be notified of new episodes, please subscribe. It's currently listed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and [Stitcher](), and will likely soon be available on Google Podcasts when their long search tentacles inevitably find it.

Oscript improvements (technical)

There have been several improvements to Oscript, the language of Autonomous Agents. Oscript will now automatically try to cast the strings to numbers with the + operator; previously it only casted numbers to strings when adding strings together with the || operator. Autonomous Agents are still under development and can be tried out on Obyte testnet network. If you see that Oscript language is missing some functions that would let you use it more easily, please let us know in the #autonomous-agents channel on Discord.

Reminder - #headless-wallet, #gui-wallets and #core-library channels are posting code updates from Github to Discord, so everybody (especially developers) on Discord can have a better overview of what is going on with those three main repositories. This also lowers the chances that an issue from a new developer who is not on Discord will go unnoticed on Github. Should you feel inclined, please help out other developers on Github if you notice an issue that you can answer.

From Blockchain to DAG

Founder and lead developer Tony published this excellent introduction to DAG and why it outdoes blockchain. In case you need reminding, the vast majority of projects in the crypto space are blockchains, but Obyte is not, meaning:

  • No blocks
  • No miners (gatekeepers)
  • No block size debate (war)
  • No environmental pollution
  • Direct access to the ledger

And more...

Not your keys, not your Bytes

December 25 is an important day for much of the world, and it's an important day for Obyte too as it will be our 3rd birthday! Obbies are invited to celebrate the date of the Obyte genesis unit by withdrawing their Bytes to a wallet that only they control. There are three Byte prizes available for those that do so.

You might also want to keep the Bytes in your wallet because it is still possible to add your wallet address to the Draw Airdrop and take part in the bi-weekly lottery without any cost of buying lottery tickets. All you need to do is find a chatbot called “Draw Airdrop” in your wallet Bot Store.


The Obyte platform (written in familiar Node.js) is easy to develop for using simple yet powerful Lego-like building blocks of code. Learn more on the developer website or take the interactive developer quiz.

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