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Developer contest round 6

Yesterday was the deadline for the final round (7) of our Autonomous Agent developer contest. The entries for the final round have not been assessed yet, while it's probably fair to say round 6 has been the strongest round so far.

1st - ObyStack by Crypto Girl

2nd - WEAALTH by hey_monkey

3rd - Simple Public Asset Storage by Sharjar

The 2nd place WEAALTH entry addresses a problem relevant to anyone that has ever owned cryptocurrency: how to safely leave your assets to others after you have passed away? It's a digital will and has nearly everything you might expect from one. It might have won some previous rounds, but did not win round 6 because the winning entry, Obystack by Crypto Girl, showed excellence on so many different levels that the jury were pretty much blown away!

In her own words “ObyStack Game is a simple multiplayer stack game, where players bid for a chance to win the entire stack of Bytes”. It’s available to play on testnet, and the excellent documentation means getting started is quick and easy. The idea of taking a popular real-world game and Obbifying it to make a fun, new version with a financial element is one we expect to see more of.

Faster decentralization on the horizon

As of today, nearly all transactions on the network are using both independent public witnesses. We are now getting more accurate data than before as the main hub was recently changed to not look too far into the past to find compatible parents for light nodes. Obbies can easily keep track of the state of witnesses via the witness monitoring service, or you can read a little more about this change.

Although the model is working, we are not decentralizing as fast as we had expected. There are various reasons for this, but it can pretty much be summarized by saying it’s because the process we have been using to add independent witnesses is too slow. With this in mind, we hope to soon announce a new, faster way of decentralizing the network. Thanks to all Obbies for their patience in this matter, and remember once done Obyte will be able to offer benefits that the far more numerous Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake projects cannot.

Relays, hubs, witnesses and bots

The Obyte platform is made up of various parts, and it can be difficult to understand how they all fit together. To help, we published a dependency graph which explains what different parts do and how they are related. Beneath the image you will also find text bullet points to further explain the different parts. If this sounds familiar to some, it might be because the Obyte stack of modular parts has similarities to Unix philosophy.

Android 4.4 bug

We are aware of a bug affecting wallets on Android 4.4 devices and have fixed the version in Google Play. Please note though that Android 4.4 was released 6 years ago and has a small market share of active Android devices, and many popular apps do not run at all on it.


The Obyte platform (written in familiar Node.js) is easy to develop for using simple yet powerful Lego-like building blocks of code. Learn more on the developer website.

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