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Enter the new developer contest

Last week we wrote about the release of Autonomous Agents on Obyte testnet. This will be the first major upgrade to the protocol since launch in 2016.

Did you see the part of the announcement about the developer contest and available prizes? Possibility not, as the article is quite long.

It’s a contest to build anything you like using Autonomous Agents. There is $38,000 in prizes available. Don't feel you need to build something groundbreaking, you do not! We are mainly looking for developers to test the code to help with bug identification. There is also a special prize for contestants providing the best developer guides/tutorials.

3 good reasons to enter

Raise awareness of your personal profile. Winning projects will be written about by Obyte. Projects that do not win may be given exposure too.

Bring awareness to your project. Another Obyte project was covered in one of the top UK newspapers just yesterday.
$38,000 in prizes. Self explanatory :)

Work from your web browser

You can write and deploy code directly from your web browser using Oscript, the new programming language developed for Autonomous Agents. Oscript comes with templates that you can use to get started - screenshot.

If you hover your mouse (another screenshot) over the function/variable in the editor, you will see helpful guidance about the feature.

Bi-weekly Prizes

Every other Sunday the jury will pick the 3 most impressive and interesting entries which are then awarded with Bytes and Blackbytes.

Questions? Best ask them in the #autonomous-agents channel on Obyte Discord.

Good luck!

P.S. Not a developer?

You can still help out by sharing this chatbot on social media.

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