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Plagiarism is like a pest that has deeply eaten society. We find cases of this in day to day activities of individuals like on social media platforms, academics and others. We need to understand what plagiarism is all about before going deeper into it.

Plagiarism is all about representing another author's work, ideas, research as yours. Plagiarism at times can be seen as copyright or copy and paste.

Let's lookout a few types of plagiarism. Essentially there are many types of plagiarism, I will be talking about only three types.

Direct plagiarism

This type of plagiarism is copying what another author has done or worked directly or word to word.

In a situation where sir john collected an article online from a search engine like Google Scholar and wrote it down word for word without source or citation.

Accidental plagiarism

Although it is noted that plagiarism remains plagiarism whether intentional or not, sometimes it may occur by accident. In accidental plagiarism, a person copies another person's work unintentionally either by forgetting to put a source or by paraphrasing it.

For example, while making a post on the steemit platform, doctor John can forget to source it because of lack of time. It's become accidental plagiarism.


I knew most people will be asking what is self-plagiarism.
Self-plagiarism is all about an author taking ideas or words to words from his past post without referencing or paraphrasing.

For example, if you take ideas from your last post phrases to phrases without changing anything or referencing it is said to be Self-plagiarism.

Ways of Avoiding plagiarism

There are various means of averting but I will be underscoring three ways


Paraphrasing has to do with using different ideas or providing various meanings to words. In the case of the instance cited in self-plagiarism, you can paraphrase the words rather than writing them word for word


It can be used as an option for paraphrasing. Quotation as the name suggests is a means of seizing content from a source by referencing the author.
For example

You want to drive on existence, know who you assist, know your stability, your shortcomings, your beliefs and say No to the tournament.


In an article or work done by another author online, you have to put the source.
In the examples cited above in accidental plagiarism, in the case of doctor John, the citation will be an excellent treatment.

Puberty comprises the transition from an immature juvenile to a mature adult state of the reproductive system, i.e. the individual becomes capable of reproducing sexually for the first time, which implies functional competence of the brain–pituitary–gonad (BPG) axis. source

This article will educate users in this community on how to avert plagiarism.

I have read and understood the
Steemit Etiquette on
the Steemit community.


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