We are at Glatt Centrum for pre-Christmas shopping

Glatt Shopping Center, also called Glatt Center, is one of the first and still the most profitable shopping center in Switzerland.

Today we are in pre-Christmas shopping, mostly gifts for family and loved ones are bought.


Centrum consists of countless well-known shops.

It takes a long time to go through all the shops, and in order to choose a nice gift, you have to think about how we can make our loved ones happy.


It smells like Christmas and everything is somehow different, everyone is happy and enjoying the pre-Christmas magic.

in the middle of the center is a large fir tree that is high up to the very top, decorated with rich decoration.


Around the Christmas tree is a carosel that is a real pleasure for the youngest.


It was a real pleasure to visit this mall, this Christmas holiday spirit.


Enjoy the Christmas rapture of one of the most beautiful holidays.

Your Maya

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