The dreamy spring in the castle of the seasons

There is a dreamy spring in the castle of the seasons. He stretches, rubbing his sleepy eyes and looking out into the green expanse.


Finally here are the flowers. It's a sign that my time has come, Spring said. I am the fairy of spring. I live in a castle of the seasons. I'm the youngest there. I am tired of sleeping, suffering the snow and darkness on earth. I'm angry at Winter because it's getting slower.


Spring is working tirelessly, the forest is spreading a variety of flowers, blue flowers like the color of the sky, white flowers like the color of the clouds and yellow flowers like the color of the sun.





So little is needed for happiness, and people are often dissatisfied, Spring concluded.
I have to put a smile back on their faces and happiness in their hearts.



That's how spring concluded! so I think, when spring awakens and enchants nature with its beautiful colors and warmth of the sun. People are happier, more positive and smiling.



Your Maya

Friends, English is not my first language, so I'm sorry if there are any discrepancies. Hope you understand it ;-)

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Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks, yeah, they are. I give my best.

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Thank you

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You welcome

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schöne fotos--lg

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Danke, die Natur ist am schönsten im Frühling, wenn alles wach und blüht

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