Spring experience - nature smile - walk...!

Beginning of spring, new experiences start for me especially because I love nature and everything that surrounds it.


Spring is a beautiful season, everything begins to bloom and come to life again after a long winter dream.

The lush green fields and splendor that surrounds me is the best natural remedy that also gives man a new life after gloomy, winter, depressing days.


I love when everything blooms and smells some freshness is felt in the air. The most beautiful long walks in the spring sun that are not very, but very pleasant bring pleasure and make me happy.




Apricot tree full of buds and some flowers, the bees are already collecting pollen.



The awakening of nature, and its beauty smiles, gives pleasure to all to enjoy it.

Your Maya

Friends, English is not my first language, so I'm sorry if there are any discrepancies. Hope you understand it ;-)

(The content of the text, as well as images, videos, and other media, are my own personal and private data.)

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15.03.2020 00:31

I loved the daisies, the contrasts of the photos.

Thank you

15.03.2020 00:48