RosesOpenWeekend - Red Rose for Good Mood

In my backyard there are beautiful roses, this red is somehow special, it has a special smell and reminds me of love.

Red roses have symbols of different meaning.



Your Maya

Friends, English is not my first language, so I'm sorry if there are any discrepancies. Hope you understand it ;-)

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Comments 6

Nice picture I’m definitely following you. You do photography?

06.07.2019 09:30

Thanks, I love to photograph especially nature

06.07.2019 09:48
You' ve been selected always in support of good work
Largo mensajes.jpg
06.07.2019 09:46

Thank you for visiting me

06.07.2019 10:13

Deine Fotos sind sehr schön geworden.
Rosen finde ich auch immer faszinierend.
Danke für deinen Artikel.
Viele Grüße.

06.07.2019 11:07

Danke, ich bin froh, dass du Rosen magst, die Natur ist das Schönste.

06.07.2019 21:48