One walk through the streets of Belgrade!

Every time I walk the streets of Belgrade I get the impression that something is different, there is always something going on, a lot of people, a city that simply lives for 24 hours.

It's a cold night, but I still went for a walk, I can tell you that Belgrade is beautiful at night, especially in the pre-holiday atmosphere, with its beautiful details that made me feel the warmth in my heart, towards my city and the joy of spending the holidays again with your loved ones.





Going through this large and glittering gate, which leads to a cinderella carriage and a large fir tree, a wonderful feeling, as if I were in a fairy tale.




Today is the sixth of December and we also met Santa Claus on Belgrade Streets who paid special attention to children.


Here we are just getting to a restaurant, where we will have hot chocolate and warm ourselves up a bit. This is how the walk through the beautiful streets of Belgrade went.


December is the month when every city shines with its beauty, each is unique and has its own charm of festive atmosphere.

Your Maya

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Comments 4

Your city is very beautiful. I would love to travel there someday.
@tipu curate

Posted using Partiko Android

06.12.2019 20:38
06.12.2019 20:38

Prava praznična atmosfera 😁 predivne fotke,prenela si nam pravi lep delić ukrašenog grada. Verujem da ste baš uživali Majo 🥰

Posted using Partiko Android

06.12.2019 21:21

Beograd je predivan uoči praznika, zaista blista 😉

06.12.2019 21:28