Faith -Tradition - and Nutrition in Egypt - My observations from the road

When I visit another culture, or another part of the world, which I would say a lot is learned, I like to learn more about other customs and cultures of another country.

While we were in Hurghada, there were several days during Ramadan (fasting), but we were greeted by Bairam (celebration after fasting).


The Muslim faith dictates that during the time of Ramadan (fasting), Islamic believers are prohibited from consuming any kind of food, drink,including water, sexual intercourse and cigarettes from dawn until sunset.


After a great fast, he dawned the day of Bajram which was greeted with great celebration, some went to mosques, some celebrated with music and performed various traditional dances.



This is how they celebrated Bajram, the hotel we stayed at was cheered with music and song. People in various costumes played and danced.




The tallest man who moved very skillfully on stilts.


Dinner table (ramadan)

During the fast, tourists were not banned, food and drink like them. I wonder how they worked all day at nearly 40 degrees without water and food?



During the celebration, on the table, from a variety of bread, meat, sauce, salads to the sweetest dessert and a variety of pastries.20190808_123128.jpg



Your Maya

Friends, English is not my first language, so I'm sorry if there are any discrepancies. Hope you understand it ;-)

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