Belgrade Fortress - cultural and historical complex - kalemegdan

Traveling through time and experiencing some parts of history the right way is a real experience for those who love history and learn about their past, which goes back centuries and is passed down from generation to generation.

kalemegdan is one large park at the same time a historical place dominated by the Belgrade Fortress, located above the mouth of the Sava and Danube rivers.


Walking through Kalemegdan you can see a lot of gates.
Each has its own historical significance and marks the entrance to the interior.


This is the Karadjord Gate located on the south side, named after the Karadjord who entered through it when occupying the fort.



This is the front door of the clock tower.

Down the stairs, we reach the Roman well.




The mystery of the ancient Roman well is still not fully resolved today. Behind the big iron door is a large maze, underground rooms and various passageways. Various events and legends are tied to this well. But even today it has not been determined which one built this mysterious well, the Austougars or Romans whose name it bears.


We arrived at the miniature castle, which was once the right size here, unfortunately through time and the wars that followed us it was destroyed and belonged to Despot Stefan Lazarevic.

A true historic day and a stroll through Kalemegdan, it is a unique experience to experience the history of this city in the right way, traveling through time and discovering the mysterious stories that have followed it for centuries.

If you ever find yourself in Belgrade, don't miss this historic experience worth a visit.

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