ColorChallenge - Saturday Indigo

Autumn has arrived, but golden with the sun's rays still warming. The temperature is somewhere around 25 degrees. There are beautiful flowers in the square that beautify our city.



Your Maya

Friends, English is not my first language, so I'm sorry if there are any discrepancies. Hope you understand it ;-)

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Comments 4

OMG, these are nice

28.09.2019 09:43

And so you are ;)

28.09.2019 11:52

Sieht ja noch sehr frühlingshaft aus ....
Bist Du in Banat?
Vorbesti romanaste?

28.09.2019 11:54

Bună, da sînt din Banat și vorbesc românește.încă sînt în primăvară nu îmi place toamna și iarna ie tot mai trist.

28.09.2019 12:01