How to choose the most profitable bounty campaigns?

I am working with bounty hunting since a few years ago, That's why I feel that I have some experience about this field, and I am sharing in this post my advice with everyone. Nowadays, finding a legitimate and profitable bounty isn't an easy mission. There are actually plenty of worthless ICO projects, with fake teams and without even a product, their goals are just to scam their investors. And as you know, bounty hunting is really a job, you will invest your valuable time and effort for several weeks or months in advertising the project, so you don't like to complete this hard work for nothing or getting scammed as a result.
I joined many bounty campaigns, and most of them paid me a good reward, because I select carefully the project before joining its bounty campaign, I have some experience actually to distingue the most promising projects and I join their bounty campaigns. These projects usually pay their bounty participants with their valuable tokens, and usually they have attractive products, so their tokens are expected to go up with time.
I see many newbies joining a lot of useless bounty campaigns, and after spending several months in promoting these projects, they don't receive any payment, or they receive worthless tokens. It's too bad, because I know how tiring is bounty hunting. To avoid such results, you have to study the project itself carefully first, and after making sure it is really promising and having good potential, you can join its bounty campaigns.
To study the project, you have first of all to read the whitepaper, check if it is not stolen from the other projects, check if it is technically detailed enough. Then you need to check the team behind the project, and make sure they are real and experienced devs ( visit their LinkedIn profiles). After this, take a look at their website, check its design and security (scam projects have usually bad designs and low secured websites). Finally visit their social media profiles ( Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit..) to see if they have large followers and check the comments from their communities.
After you passed by these steps, you will have the opportunity to judge the project, and if it looks for you promising then don't hesitate to join their bounty campaigns if it is available ( not all of the good projects have bounty campaigns, unfortunately). Otherwise, keep away from the project, don't invest your money in their ICO, and don't participate in their bounty campaigns.

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