What a man can do a woman can do even more💯


today we tend to pay less attention on the way women are raising up for themselves, gone are the days when a woman will be tied down at home saying that they should not partake in certain things they should only speak when asked to.

in most gatherings in some part of the world women are not allowed to partake or voice out whatsoever they had in mind. even in my country some years ago my president came out to say women are not meant to own any office, saying thier only office should be in the kitchen 🤔 I sat and begin to wonder if he is actually suppose to say that and why?

but women all over the world are proving us all wrong. today we see Dr Mrs okonjo Iwela sitting among big men and urshering out orders. she even have men who bow and answer her yes "ma" they are also so many ladies that are heads of service or establishment and they are doing very great.

when I visited a mechanic shop last week to actually see a mechanic friend I was shocked seeing a very young beutiful lady apprentice in the workshop my friend worked. I asked little questions about her I was told she is one of the best in the workshop and very straightforward smart and hard-working.



she can drop down engine of a car, a thing that takes male apprentice years before fully knowing how to do it. but she can actually do that. to really prove to you that indeed what a man can do a woman can do even more better. you should just give them a trial.

today a woman can singlehandedly raise up kids without them even missing their father. please don't ague this with me, I know what I am saying. a mother can also be a father.

this young mechanic girl really got got me staring. I begin to crush on her😁 please don't laugh. I couldn't help it but started liking the way she used her tools very smart and with confidence. I observed that clients or customers coming in would want her to check thier cars.

please if you are a man and always underestimate the power and ability of a woman please stop❗and you as a lady don't ever make the mistake of underestimating your ability. See yourself high and always have the mindset of achieving what so ever you want they is nothing impossible under the sun so therefore you can do it even better than the men. I swich off my mic🎤😹.

I remain your friend @obrisgold

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