The dairy Game, weekend reviews 😊/ August 15, 2021

Images of me on my Sunday outfits😊

Dear Dairy,

It's been a while talk to you, now I will tell you all about my weekend 😃. Dear Dairy my weekend was not so good and also not bad it was just the both🤣 right from Friday. But Friday was the coolest because I didn't do a lot of work or errand.

I only eat, cook and I was busy on the TV thanks to constant power supply. I exhausted all the rest of my time watching the popular Tv reality show, (Big brother naija). After that I welcomed my sister she came around to see me, we went out together saw few friends.

Image of me in the saloon

Saturday was hectic from the morning hours I begin serious cleaning of the house, the house became so dirty only just been absent for one week🤣 yest last weekend I was at my hometown to bury my grandma, and the occasion was successful.

Me serious with cleaning 😃 and taking selfies at the same time🤣🤣

I cleaned the whole house mop the floor and lot more😁. After which I did my loundry after finishing with all this i was exusted and went straight to bed very early immediately I returned from the saloon😃🙄 yeah I went to the saloon to have a neat haircut, and the barbar didn't disappoint me at all. As God will have it, I woke up this morning healthy and alive.

Dear Dairy Am grateful to God for a successful weekend, and hope to achieve more In the coming week🤣 Gracias 🙏 please friends stay safe and don't forget I love you all.

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