Marriage is not for anyone in a hurry.
If you hurry God into giving you someone who is still in the process of becoming the right one for you, you may not enjoy His good and perfect gift until that process is complete. Sadly, by that time you may have gotten too frustrated with that person's irregularities and inconsistencies to believe in that marriage when he or she comes to the end of their building season.
This is why waiting on God for a spouse is an important mystery you need to understand and accept before making the choice of a life partner.

Let me bring to you, a light of the workings of this mystery:
After your waiting season is complete, it is not like a perfect spouse is dropped into your life with a divine approval for you two to marry, afterall you have waited on Him patiently to take your partner through their building season, therefore they are now ready, a complete and perfect package right?
Oh no, no, no, no. If this is the way it works then it will no longer be considered a mystery, it will be logic - a system where the 'patienter' you wait on God for a spouse, the 'perfecter' your spouse will come.
Now this is the advantage of waiting, the mystery and the life of God;
"Every good and perfect Gift comes from the Lord." So says the Word.
Which includes the gift of a spouse, but the mystery here is that your partner; the gift, does not come perfect, he or she will only be perfectly given to you by God.

So the perfection of your spouse is not relative to the fact that God has taken His time to perfect the work in your spouse and present them complete before you, no. The perfection of your spouse is relative to the fact that the timing of God's presentation is perfect for you, and perfect for your spouse.
So she may not come with all the perfection and completeness you have been waiting to receive because God does not measure perfection with our human calculation of time, but by the timing of His intervention.
His Word say; "be perfect, even as your heavenly Father is perfect."
No one can be perfect as God in terms of His persona, God is only giving us a charge to be perfect in terms of perceiving times and seasons in the Spirit.

This is what we mean when you are being encouraged to wait on God concerning your marriage, we are not talking about you waiting on God for 3, 4 years. God does not live in time so those calculations can't work with Him. God is infinite, a moment can be both 3, 4 and even 10 years with Him. What we mean by waiting on God is actually you waiting for the moment when God will move His hand to your advantage.

Are you getting this?
So your prince handsome comes with irregularities, but because he came in God's perfect timing, those irregularities become some simple challenges that you can easily work out to make him better.
So God's timing is:
Building your partner to the point where their faults matches your energy.
This is why God works on both the waiter and the waitee, because their faults must match your energy.
No spouse is perfect in character, they are only perfectly given to you at the point where your energy level can contain their faults.

No wonder those who wait on the Lord will have their strength renewed daily, because God will need to keep your energy level consistent with whatever faults that may arise in marriage. GRACIAS!!

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