Can’t believe this… wait, did you know that the coach had an evening training session with the team before even going on to sign the contracts on paper I love the seriousness. Well to me it’s a good sign that the man is really here for business I already see things turning around for the betterment of the football team. I Welcome Mr. Tom to the club you are highly welcome sir.

Short bio of Mr. Tom for those who don’t know him at all. Mr. Tom born 29 August 1973 was is a German footballer a professional one at that, he coached for clubs like Borussia Dortmund, Paris saint-Germain F.C and F.C Augsburg II. While in the following clubs he has done well, I got to know from a senior friend that he is a man that love promoting young players to become the best. being a man of great intellect i strongly believe he is here to win.

I am getting the feeling that he is indeed going to do wonders in the club, I see his readiness and anxiety I myself cannot wait for them to play their next game let’s see what he is really capable of doing. He should see were the boys are doing bad and try fix it. Up the blues.

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