GOOD FRIDAY MESSAGE, (death & resurrection of Christ)


hear me toady any man that does not have the spirit of the Lord can not give life, the things that the resurrection of Jesus quiken in your life you can't even tell. when God ask Ezekiel can this stone come to life, his response was no.

that is why Jesus Christ say with God nothing shall be inpossible, God said to Ezekiel the solution is the word. even if you have a swollen stomach for many years I am speaking to someone now may your enemies run from you because of Jesus.


the solution to the dry bone was the word, and prophet Ezekiel prophesied and say oh ye dry bone hear ye the word of God and come back to life.

brethren you must know the resurrection of Jesus Christ gives life. so you should not be afraid of anyone. if the devil comes to you with the word and you don't have the word to give to him you are to be blame, just as Eve was carried away by the word the devil gave to her.

hear me, the word of God is the solution. remember when Satan went to Jesus to tempt him by the word Jesus won by given him the word that man must not live by bread alone. do you know that someone can become mad but if that person can sit and meditate on The word of God. believe me that madness will go away.

today the resurrection of Jesus must bring solution to somebody, and the Bible said when Ezekiel speak the word the dry bone began to have flesh and came back to life.

when a child of God is born again and does not allow the word of God to take over he/her life that Individual is dead. and I pity for that person. pastors you may have member in your church that is ready to handle huge project in the church but is a carnal Christan with no word in him.

they was a woman in my street she called herself a prophetess, she will tell her members to drop their Bible's on the floor and clime on it and she will tell them they are standing on the rock, but trust me when they go back home the devil will still be there to torment them, without having the word in them they are empty and can be destroyed by the devil.

in the name of Jesus in this community we must win the battle, in our home we must win the battles no evil shall have Dominion over us in Jesus name.

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