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It is with great concern I decided to say something about the wrong use of the nose mask, for some time now I have observed that so many citizens in Africa don’t know or do not properly use the nose mask for what it was made for, let me talk of Africa because I don’t know if other part of the world are doing same.

The nose mask was produced to be worn covering part of your breathing organs that is your nose but you discovered that it is not so instead most people will prefer putting it below their mouth and still go out and interact with others.

I hope you are getting my point? And to make matters worse if you come down to my country you will see what I am trying to say, so many people don’t even believe that the virus COVID19 is real they all say it is political propaganda.


With all the rising cases each day it surprised me that they are still some people who doubt the existence of the virus in the country, which make them not to adhere to the warning of the government to always use nose mask.

But as the government made it mandatory for every citizens to use it instead of using it correctly they use it wrongly, now as it is it is only God that can help us with the way things are going please let it begin with you, make sure you always use your nose mask and not just because you are asked to but because it is the right thing to do.

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