Most times people become afraid of task given to them to do, they don’t have the mind set of I can do it, or I can make it. At times you come across a wall of difficulty they began to shake and fear.

As a student are you in any way involve in examination malpractice, or as a mother do you become afraid of the future of your kids, I tell you today you should have faith in them and also believe they can make it in life come what may.

When I was young and in high school I do engage in examination malpractice a lot why? Because I don’t believe that I can write and make good grades on my own, as soon as I realized I was doing the wrong thing I immediately change my ways and start doing things right.

And the good news was that I graduated with good grades, so many of the millionaires and billionaires today start by just believing they can do it even though some of them do not believe in the existence of God. So why then will you that have given your life to Jesus be afraid of a little challenge. Remember you can do all things through Christ Jesus.

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Indeed we can do all things as christians, through Christ which strengthens us, Amen.
Thanks for sharing

21.10.2020 16:37