Unboxing Miniatures & New Dice!

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This evening I got home to a package from my cousin @lacking and his wife @arcticgypsy from up in Nunavut. I had a small idea what it might contain, but I was not prepared for these contents!

The Box! With identifying information blotched out, of course!


Under the packaging I spotted the first few items - three cookie-cutters he'd printed with his 3d Printer. This one on top is a narwhal. It also contained a snowman and a cute puppy cookie cuter.


All 3 lined up:

As I dug deeper, I noticed several more pieces that were wrapped individually. Unwrapping them, I found THIS!


A FREAKING DRAGON! It has horns and wing-accents in a separate bag just needing to be glued on! SO COOL.

And the last thing in the package - A smaller box FULL of terrain and various goblin / skeleton / monster minis!!


I am so excited to use these! I had just ordered a few more sets of dice that arrived on the 29th too, so between these awesome minis, and the new dice - it reinforces my goal to get a new group together for D&D this year.

OH, and speaking of the dice.... this is a photo of all the dice sets my wife and I own!


And that's all for tonight folks. Just wanted to share this awesome box of goodies @lacking and @arcticgypsy sent us (as well as show off my lovely math-rocks of course)!

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Glad you and your wife enjoy the belated christmas/birthday presents. Enjoy painting them when you get a moment!

31.01.2020 04:13

Thanks again! It's all so rad. I'll definitely have to start watching some videos and trying my hand at painting... saving the dragon for last of course because that beastie is too fucking gorgeous to ruin with my newb-ass skills.

31.01.2020 04:16

Happy Belated Birthday! So happy you like it all. That was a difficult secret to keep.

31.01.2020 04:15

Hahaha I'll bet! It's so cool. We will send you guys photos of the narwhal cookies that are now extremely imminent!

31.01.2020 04:57

Wow - that's quite a bounty! I love the cookie cutters and the dragon is great :)

It's always fun when you get something you've been waiting for, especially when you don't know exactly what it is. I just got the PDF for the rule book for "Lex Arcana", which was a kickstarter in November 2018 - didn't read much but I really like what I saw. I'm sure to write a post about it.

31.01.2020 14:55

Yeah! Pretty awesome and totally unexpected box. I forgot they even sent it lol.

And nice! I'll be sure to toss you a follow so I see when you make that post! Thanks for the comment :D

31.01.2020 14:58