Brussel Sprouts - 5 Minute Freewrite


This is a continuation of my previous freewrite, and the character Lasarkai, in an attempt to string together a single narrative using free-write prompts.

The master grinned. "Yes, and what are you noticing about them, Lasarkai?"
The student sighed. 'he's never going to understand that it's Clipper.' he thought while focusing on the action of the urchins running throughout the market. At first glance, it looked like pure chaos - but there was a pattern there...

Each time one of the youth would run past the stall of a vegetable vendor on the north side of the marketplace, they'd swipe a brussel sprout. The merchant noticed but didn't take any action - and sure enough, within a few minutes, another urchin would run by - tossing a random item to the man who would swiftly stash it inside his garments or under his stall.

"They're working for the vegetable seller. Or at least working with him. Maybe he's a fence?" Clipper mused.

His master chuckled. "Good eye. What else did you notice about that?"

Clipper paused for a moment. "Well, they seemed to only take Brussel sprouts when they swiped from the cart. There's much better food there, so... I'm not sure why they would do that."

"Keep watching." the master said, smiling. "This is good progress, Clipper."

Thank you for reading! This was inspired by a random character I generated using a Java program I developed for D&D, DMing, and Writing. In my first free-write, I decided to challenge myself by attempting to string each prompt together into a single narrative.

Click Here for a link to this 5-minute free-write prompt.

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haha, yeah, I managed to sneak today's and yesterday's in back to back. Hope that's not a faux-pas for the freewrite community!

30.01.2020 15:41

Ooh! Are those brussels some sort of currency or token, I wonder? Or maybe just used to signal an incoming item...

30.01.2020 18:05

Yes. No. Maybe. ...It's confidential. ;) lol

30.01.2020 18:33