Achievement2 @obioracharlestask: basic security on steem

In steemit there are different keys that serve different purposes and have their level of security importance

  1. Owner key: This is the most important of all keys. It needs to be treated very carefully
  2. Active key: This key significantly concerns money transaction and other important task like; converting steemit dollar, power up transaction and voting.
  3. Meme key: It is a key for creation and reading of memes.
  4. Posting key: This key gives one access to vote, post, comment, resteem as well as to follow or mute an account. This key should be used often.
  5. Master password: This can be called a king key. It's like an almighty key in the sense that with its password, you can create other keys to access all properties.

How to keep the master password safe

Keeping one's master password is of really great importance, so I would recommend that it should be kept carefully in an electronic data base like Google drive or iCloud and also should be written down in a personal book far from the reach of others .

How to transfer your steem token to another steem user account.

In steem transferring the currency is actually different from others, unlike other crypto currencies that makes use of wallet address,steem is totally different and iy makes use of password in place of the wallet address.
So there are various steps involved in the transfer of steem token to another account and they are;

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on your avatar and a drop down shows.
  3. Then click on wallet and a page opens.
  4. In the wallet you are on, locate steem dollars at the balance area, then click on price and a list of action show.
  5. Click on transfer.
  6. Then fill in the details of the person which you intend to transfer steem using the username and amount you wish to transfer.
  7. Lastly input your active key to make the transaction go through.

    How to power up one's steem

    Steem power (SP) is a very important and essential part of steemit and it can be powered up through the process stated below;

  8. Click on avatar
    2.Click on wallet that shows from the drop down.
  9. Find your steem dollars and click the triangle icon beside it.
  10. A drop down appears and then click on market.
  11. Locate buy order and then click buy steem with the amount of steem dollars you wish to use for the power up, then click buy and input your password to activate the trade.
  12. Then you will receive a notification saying your order is placed.
  13. Then, after having purchased the steem, return to your wallet and go to steem, where your new balance would be showing.
  14. Click the triangle icon by the side and then click power up and the power up process begins.

    The aim of powering up is to increase how much influence one has in the steemit world like voting power.

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