Hello my good people of steemalive community. I hope you people are doing well in health. Well, each day gives us the opportunity to be thankful to God for the gift of life. It is my pleasure to share my beautiful experiences with you in this awesome community. It was a great day for me yesterday.


I woke up early yesterday because I had an appointment with my in-law in the village to repair his generator. The first thing we did as a family was our morning worship. After prayer, I went straight and brushed my teeth, took my bath, had my breakfast and went for the days activities. On getting to opobo junction, there was a little traffic that kept us there for almost 15 minutes. Thanks for the help of the security operatives who came and controlled it. From there, I went to Ukegbu road in ogbor hill and corrected some faults in the generator of my sister we normally referred to as "Aunty Nurse". She has a chemist shop. After spending some time there, I went straight to my shop, pick some parts and travelled to my village, Akanu Nchara to fix the generator of my in-law.

The small petrol generator inside, ELEMAX 7000.

The engine side of the generator is working very fine, but the electrical side of it had a little issue. The light is not stable, as such cannot carry anything let alone the borehole which is the main reason he kept bombarding me with calls, bacause there was no water in his house. Well, the problem of the generator was the AVR, ( Automatic Voltage Regulator). Thank God I went with a new one. The problem was solved.

The main view of his house.


After the work and I was discussing with him, I noticed that it was about to rain. Everywhere was cloudy. So I decided to come back before it starts raining. Before I could trek to where I can get a motorcycle (Okada) that will take me to main road, whaoo!!!, it started raining heavily.

A very heavy downpour.

I have no option than to branch in the house of our brother to wait for it to stop. It rained for almost 2 hours.

With my brother and his kids, waiting for the rain to stop.

After the rain subsided, I waited for more than 30 minutes before I got okada who agrees to take me to main road with the price doubled, because the roads were so bad and full of floods. Thank God we managed to get to the main road, then I boarded a bus back to Aba. That was how it happened yesterday. I really thank God for his loving protection. I hope yours was also fine.


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Nice reading your post,surely there was a heavy rain today

18.10.2021 06:30

We have supported this post. Keep on making great content in our community. Always check @steemalive for community updates. Thank you being an active member.

22.10.2021 06:12