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Hello fellow steemians,
How are you people doing today, No doubt your day was great. Well, we must all thank God almighty for the gift of life, because without him our life will be meaningless. It is another opportunity for me to share with you my activities for the day.


After my sound night rest, I woke up sound in health this morning. After our usual morning devotion, I brushed my teeth and went down our street, military zone to service the generator of my neighbor who complained that his generator has oil leakage.

On my way to service the generator.

On getting there, I discovered that the flywheel oil seal is bad. Thank God I had a spare one in my bag, so I changed it and it started functioning well.

Inside the generator house. Sumec firman. SPG2500

After that, I came back to my house took my bath, had my breakfast and went out to catch up on appointment with a friend at Osusu amaukwa after Obikabia Junction in Ogbor hill. Whaoh!!, I forgot to tell you that today is lockdown in south east of Nigeria. It takes place every Monday. So no work for me today in d shop.

On my way to catch up with the appointment

A very busy Ehere Rd by Opobo Junction so lonely because of the lock down.

After spending some time there, I came back to Opobo Junction, entered a barbing salon and cut my hear.

Inside the barbing salon.

I later trekked down to Emelogu Junction to rest in a friend shop.

Inside the chemist store.


While there I remembered that our cooking gas finished last night, so I went back home, carry our gas cylinder and went straight to a refilling point. In fact I don't know what this country is turning to. Could you believe that 1 KG of cooking gas is now #750. May God help us in this country.

The refilling point.

On getting home, I received a call from a good friend of mine to come over to his area, Umuogele. Since I have notting to do at that time, so I went. He took me to one joint in his area. We had some drinks with a well prepared bush meat. Infact it was enjoyment all through.

Enjoying with my friend.

From there I went back home. I really thank God for his loving care toward me today. I know yours was also enjoyable. See you tomorrow.


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