## <center>MY ACTIVITIES FOR THE DAY.FRIDAY 8TH OCT 2021.</center>


Hello my great people of steemit,
Greetings to you all. I hope your day went smoothly as expected. Well, each day give us the opportunity to be thankful to the almighty God for the gift of life. It was another great day for me today. Here are the activities for today.


I woke up around 6am today hale and hearty. We did our morning devotion together as a family, after which I went and fetch water for d family. After that I had my bath, took my breakfast and went to work.

On my way to work. Inside tricycle.(keke)

On getting to waterside in ogbor hill, it was a bad sight to behold. A very long traffic. I was totally disappointed because I was rushing to meet up with a customer who has been waiting for me. Infact, the traffic kept us there for more than 30mins. Thanks for the help of TIMASS SECURITY OPERATIVES who came and controlled the traffic. Thanks to God that I later met my customer. However, I was able to service some generators today. Such as these.

This is Denyo EY45. The owner bought it fairly used (Tukumbo) from abroad. But the lighting output is 110, so we were able to convert it to 220 output, Nigerian use.


I later went to Akuobi street in port Harcourt road to service the generator of my customer, after which I came back to shop. I decided to rest for some time because the sun was so much.

Relaxing in a neighbor's shop who sell generator spare parts.

After some time the weather changed and it started raining heavily.


After the rain stopped, we did some servicing, engaged in some discussions and jokes with my colleagues in the shop.

With my colleagues in the shop.

After some time, I decided to go home. On getting to opobo junction in ogbor hill, whaaooh, another traffic. I have no option than to drop there, trekked down to Emelogu junction and enter another "keke" straight to my house. I really thank God the Almighty whose name is JEHOVAH for his loving protection in my activities for today. That was it for today, I hope you also enjoy yours. See you tomorrow.


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