It's easy to assume that AIDS is some thing for different humans to fear about - adults, tablets users, individuals who sleep around. This is wrong - all teenagers, whoever they are, anywhere they stay, should take the danger of HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS, seriously.
HIV is a big delimma for young people, in addition adults. It is estimated that in 2007, two million people under the age of 15 were living with HIV and, worldwide AIDS is the second leading cause of death between the ages of 20 and 24.

Difference between HIV and AIDS meaning
HIV "Human Immunodeficiency Virus"
AIDS "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome".

AIDS is a serious illness in which the body's defenses against certain diseases are broken.

Time taken for HIV to cause AIDS?

The time between HIV infection and AIDS diagnosis depends on many different things. Some people do not know totally when they might have contacted the virus HIV, and also the time interval between this event and diagnosis of AIDS varies widely.

How HIV is contacted

HIV is spread through sexual fluids or the blood someone infected. So if any infected blood or sexual fluids get into your body, you can get infected. This generally occurs via way of means of having sexual intercourse with an infected individual or via way of means of sharing needles. People can also get infected from being born to an HIV-positive mother, and a very small number of people get infected by receiving medical treatment through transfusion of infected blood.
HIV cannot be caught by kissing, shaking hands or hugging an infected person, and it cannot be transmitted by sneezing, touching doorknobs or dirty glasses.


Safe sex?

Safe sex are sexual activities that you can do even though your partner is infected with HIV and definitely will not pass it on. Some of the sexual activities are totally safe. But if one person have cuts or sores on the skin, try to make sure they are well covered with bandages. Making use of a condom is absolutely not that safe because condoms can break, but they can be effective when used correctly.

Can I get infected via the first time?

It's a Yes, in case your partner has HIV and you've unsafe sex, then you may turn out to be infected.

Does a cure exist?

No cure for HIV yet. It is a virus, and no cure has been found for it. But it can be controlled and managed as the infected person can live longer and healthy, but it have not been completely removed in the body. These days there are numerous tablets that may be used to assist people with HIV, and most doctors believe that many people can be treated for a long time.


How can I tell if someone's infected with HIV?

There is no way to tell just by looking at someone if they have HIV infection. A person can be infected but have no symptoms and still look perfectly healthy. They may also feel perfectly healthy and not know he is infected. The only way to know if a person is infected or not is to have a blood test.

Thank you all for reading and endeavor to stay safe!.

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