Aesthetics of my Love | poem


One good Monday morning
In a season of January rush
The male students were hunting
I'd my calculations and made a dash
While an angelic woman was humming.

On another good bright morning
Outside my window I had a look
Gathered I saw a group of peepers
On the roadside were on-lookers
Their necks they stretched long enough
Just to grasp events.

The peepers and onlookers battled for a glimpse
Of a crowd pulling woman; just her beauty-
Aesthetics of a majestic angel.
Crowned by her intelligence and wisdom.

Across the road was the beautiful queen
The peepers and onlookers I joined with keen
To my joy and excitement I discovered
Aesthetics of my love
The woman cherished by many
Walking towards my home
In her dazzling costume
Epitome of good manners.

Walking in her majestic gait
Humbly nimbly she drew her steps
With joy and excitement up I got
Stalk to embrace the enviable queen
As she stood to give me a million hug.

On another beautiful day
Looking again up the fly-over
Elegant beautiful damsel I saw
Glittering like diamond a woman
Beautiful like the rose flower
Ascending the hilly bridge
Like a unique charmer.

Day was bright as morning star
Nature's beauty twinkled like stars
Lovers of aesthetics gathered and stared
Man is bound to embrace beauty.

A group of young charming women
Gathered dancing heralding the queen
The beauty of beauties
A wonderful woman
Special design of nature.

What could move a man of verses
To opt for either foolishness or wisdom
Without blemish nor regretting drums
Because to a fault he loved her?

Nothing but the wonderful woman
Aestheticism endowed by nature
Below the queen are other women
Her fashion alone a conqueror
Moderate attire not naked queens
That parade and litter our society.

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