Hello everyone😁 I'm Obiekezie Irene Somtochukwu by name and my steemit username is @obiekezieirene. I'm from Anambra state from the Eastern part of Nigeria.
My friends @tsunamihimself and @eberechi10 taught me about Steemit and told me to open an account here and learn to make blogs and make some Steem to help with my finances.


I'm currently a (200L) student Entrepreneurship of Federal University, Otuoke,Bayelsa State, Nigeria which I gained admission to study in the in 2018. So... I'm the third child of my family of 5 wit my two very wonderful brothers that can frustrate my life as well as... well I'm missing them now😢


For my hobbies I really enjoy reading (on wattpad), dancing ( which I don't really know how to) then sleeping, oh! how I enjoy sleeping lol. I often enjoy having Korean movies because they are really interesting and intriguing. I fancy the male actors, y'all know. I also enjoy drinking grounded cassava otherwise known as garri in my country. Lastly I enjoy disturbing and frustrating my roommates in the lodge I stay for schooling (don't mind me lol)
IMG-20210411-WA0016.jpg my mom and big sis

I have light skin, and I've encountered a variety of local cosmetics, but I've found that international based skin care products are the most moisturizing and efficient since they are gentle on the skin.


As I said before, I got to know Steemit from my friends and I'm really happy that I got to join and hope to learn more and more and earn also.
Thanks a lot for having me here guys.

Thank you @cryptokannon for providing the tutorial materials that helped me in putting together my introductory post.

Best regards

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Thanks a lot, I'll make sure to be a part of it

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Thanks a lot, I'll make sure to surely participate fully. I'm sure it will be fun

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