Wirex's stellar based WXT token

Wirex is a UK based bank that is crypto currency friendly. It provides debit card services in partnership with visa. They provide cards with support for £, $ and €. The app is fabulous and is available on the Apple store and the Google play store. The browser version use experience is also equally amazing.With_card.png

Technical analysis:
Wirex token (Wxt) opened at 0.016$, 2 months later it's trading at 0.0275$.

The descending converging wedge pattern was spotted on a 4hr chart which suggested a strong break out to the upside.


A breakout of 25% from 0.021$ and testing it's key resistances with strength suggests that wirex has entered a relatively long bullish phase and can easily hit 4c or 0.04$ in the near term.

Fundamental analysis:
The use of the WXT token is to provide discounts on Bank fees be it wireless transfers of Fiat or crypto. Be it a trade on the app or any bank related fee. 25% off for 50000 tokens, 50% off for 100000 tokens and 100% off for 500000tokens. This suggests that investors will keep their tokens and not trade it away. Giving space for crypto whales to hodl the 500000 to make use of the 100% discount of the usual 2-3% that is charged on most cards on visa cards anyway.

The app looks great. It's got support for 8 crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripples xrp, wollo coins, Nano and the stable coin dai and complete with xlm support. Ofcourse, your choice of fiat and Complete control over your card funds and account funds.

The token WXT is trading with relatively heavy volumes on Okex and Kucoin averaging at 5million $ per day.

Oh yeah , the real thing. The debit cards works in over 200 countries. Seamlessly! Anywhere a Visa card work, which is what most and major retailers around the world use whether online or offline.

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