The diarygame :3rd April,2021-Easter sunday service

Hi steemains let us wellcome our selfs to another beautiful day the Lord has made .today as u all know mark the day our Lord saviour was resurrected from death.
I was to read bible today at church so i wake up early to get prepared.i got to the church premises around 8:00 am as the time schedule for the comencement of church.
It was a joyful sunday bevause it was a special day for christians.the praises team sang very well so more people danced to it.

After that the choiristers was ask to give a hymnal whiles the bible readers get prepared to read the bible .i was first to read so i went forward to read.
When we were done our reverend minister very rev Adwini Opoku Kese gave the sermon on the resurrection of Christ.he talk for a short period and later we gave offertory,later on those who were baptised this day were called to come forward for them to be introduce to the entire church.


The pastor advice them to live a righteous life as the have gave themselves to Jesus.later leaders was ask to gteet them as a sign of acceptance.
After all these we shared the benediction whiles the choir live the premises.
We close from there and came home savely with my wife and son.

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