The diarygame:17th April ,2021-my sayurday avtivity

Saturdays are days i normally do my washing .so i wake up early to brush my teeth do one or two things and i start my washing.because i need to do other things in addition to the washing so i hurridly wash the clothes fast as i can.


After washing i dry them fast and mob where i do the washing.right after that,i was short of water so i fetch some to our barrel.


Whiles i was fetching the water ,my wife too was busily preparing soup for the no time i finish the fetching so i held my son so that my wife will be free to do the soup faster.
After everything,i relax a while and went to town to release stress for sometime.on my way a friend called me and i accompanied him to a friends place.


I spend almost hours in town and later went home .

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