This is the day all Ghanaians are wishing for and lol and behold it has come .every four years Ghana conduct elections so today was set for the wlections to come part of the electoral officials we were told to come to the electoral commissions office early because where i will be going is i get to the office around 9:00 pm in the evening waiting for the materials ,we waited for several hours but it was ready around 2:00 am looking at the situation i got fed up but because of love i have for my country i board the bus to the village i am going to officiate.we alighted at the place around 4:30 am .but the problem is were we are going the bus cant go there so we arange for motor cycle to convey our ballot box and other things to the place for us. So we help him to tie the materials on the motor .
We spend about 45 minute befor we get to our we arange the materials for the elections to comence .

We started smoothly with the voting process.though my work as the verification officer it wasn't easy task but i manage to do it without any complicencies .along the process poeple were not coming so we break to find something to eat.
We break to eat something
Few minute later poeple came to form queue again so i left my food to come and proceed with the process.afterwards we were free again so huriedly finish my food and came back.
So as we were relaxing ,my PO thus the preciding officer ask us to help him fill some form so that his work will be simple after the we did as he said.
We continue the elections till i get to 4oclock of which people started coming to the place to witness the process.

Many people were coming there but it was not time to count so the security officer ask them to fo home when it is 5 oclock pm then they come to witness the counting.though they wasn't happy but because of the nature of security over there they were afriad so they left.
The time for counting came so we started to salt out the presidential one first before the parliamentary one so after the salting we count all to the public .later on the po fill all necesary form and we pack our materials put it on the motor bike and came to the main road to wait for the bus.
Hmm today was very stressful but i have no option .we wait for the bus for several hours but still it was not i put a rag on the floor to sleep for a while.around 12:49am the bus came so we pack our goods in it and off we go.
I have been as electoral officer for several years but today's one was the most stressful one .

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