Earlier today i woke up early to go to Mampong to go and register my health insurance .because of the queue over there aleays,i taught of going early so that i can do it early and come and do other things at home.
Since i went earlier i was first on the queue so we were on the queue waiting for the registration officers .

Around 8:00 they start work so i collect my receipt and went to where they print the card .when i got there their network wasn't stable so i spent a lot time but later on it came and i pass through the process and my card was printed for me.
From there i quickly rush home to find something to eat.after eating i went to town to visit a friend who is a motor mechanic .when i got there he was busily working so i decided to sit there for a while to chart with him so that he can work .
I spend somr hours with him and later on i came back home to prepare for supper .when i was done with it ,i eat and afterwards take my bath ,my belly was full so i walk for a while for the food to digest .because when u go to bed with undigested food is not good for human health.after the walk i went to ma room to lesting to news and later on i went to bed .

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great post.

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Nice Diary game. Thanks your consistency in playing the game.

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