Does A Specific Jersey Carries Bad Luck For A Team When Worn On A Match

I know this question draw's your attention to this post because I keep wondering if putting on a particular Jersey brings bad omen/ luck to a football team.

Because I have been following the super eagle's of Nigeria games for some time now and I found out that anytime the team put's on the plan green Jersey they either draw or lose their game's. In the just concluded Africa Nations Cup the two times they put on the plan green Jersey they ended up losing that two games.

For the first time in Nigeria soccer history they lost to an unknown country in football know as Madagascar. And also when the put on the same color Jersey against Algeria in their semi finals match they also lost the game and have to settle for third place position.

In the world cup also their games against Croatia and Argentina they lost both games because they put on the green Jersey. Nd the only matched that they win was against Iceland, because they didn't put on the green Jersey for that particular match.

But yesterday their friendly match against the Ukrainian national team which they put on the green Jersey again, they were winning the match 2-0 against the Ukrainian team and under two minutes the Ukrainian equalize the game 2-2 and the game ended in a draw .

The Fan's and people of Nigeria has started reacting that the sports ministry should change that particular green Jersey.
And now to my questions do you think that a particular team Jersey brings bad luck to a team, or is it just a coincidence that the team just lose their matches.

Drop your comments I will like to read them and know your taught about it

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You're a very good observer 😁

It's always a bad luck that will end it even at the verge of winning each time we play in that green Jersey

11.09.2019 18:21