Lil Crimson's To Do List - 02/05/2007 - 2019 Update

☐ go skydiving
☐ punch someone in the face
☐ get my lip or eyebrow pierced
✅ get tattoos
✅ spike my hair
☐ get 5 jobs at the same time
☐ bathe in pure chocolate
✅ speak only Spanish for one day
☐ do body shots
✅sleep for a week
☐ go bungee jumping
☐ learn how to be fluent in Japanese
✅be a cat lady
☐ publish three novels
☐ publish a poetry book
☐ dye my hair blonde
☐ go to las vegas & do it big
☐ get a makeover
☐ quote only poetry for one day
✅grow my hair to my butt
✅scream a song
☐ dye my hair red & white
✅play paintball
✅get straight As
☐ sing "nowhere kids" on top of a building
☐ see blue man group
☐ makeout in the rain
☐ go moshing
☐ dance in a water fountain
☐ speak in the third person for one day

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