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Technology became so advanced now that we don't need to use paper cash for hand to hand money exchange. We can do buy sell and even full-time business without even when out of our house. Welcome to the digital era of technology.

Technology has become so efficient and part of our daily life that it would be pretty impossible to live without it. It helps humans to build up a good lifestyle and reduces human efforts. Digital money is one money many of it and many know it as digital currency or electronic money or cryptocurrency. The transaction can be made from anywhere in any place if you have a digital electronic device and internet connections. There are also some disadvantages but I think in every sector there will be advantages and disadvantages so we need to focus on the advantage part of it and improve the use of the system.



Let's talk about a project that is called Extons. Extons is a cryptocurrency exchnage that is also a part of This option ecosystem and a product of Thisoption company. This platform is dedicated to a cryptocurrency exchange and available globally and can be used with fewer efforts. Extons came with some strategy to resolve some problems that cryptocurrency exchange is facing from some years past. Let's find out what are those problems and how we can solve them.

What problems do we face?

No one can deny there are a lot of advantages of cryptocurrency but in spite of this, there is some issue that needs to solved to make the crypto exchange more adaptable to human life. There are some major we can discuss here.

Complex User interface: Advanced tools are needed in cryptocurrency exchange for a better understanding of the market and for technical analysis. But some people especially newbie find it very hard to understand when they first saw the user interface is so advanced and at the same time hard to understand.

Payments method: Many people don't even know or understand how to use it. It's still not very clear or we can say easy to adopting the payment methods and without proper knowledge, many people get into trouble and sometimes lost their funds due to wrong transaction methods or addresses.

Safe and secure: There are many platforms that offer multiple payment systems but they are not very safe and reliable. So we need a place that everybody can trust and use easily with less cost.

Transaction fees: There are some platform that is very reliable and safe but they charge a big amount of fees for their service with is very costly if you are about to do a big transaction. For those exchanges, we charge fewer fees for the transaction that can easily attract traders and users very easily.

Transparency: It is one of the major problems for crypto exchange. There are many exchanges that are in the top list of the CMC exchange list but they mostly use bot trading for showing fake trading volume. It can be easily verified by pro traders but some people can fall for their trap.

Liquidity: Bigger the market and the number of trading pair bigger the liquidity that the exchange can provide. A small exchange that has fewer market pairs for trading has fewer users. Fewer users mean less money will come to that platform. So liquidity is important for user satisfaction.


Extons can help to solve this problem.

Extons can reduce the existing problem that the cryptocurrency world is facing these days.

1. Extons provides a user-friendly and simple trading interface for a newbie with advanced trading tools for pro traders so that both can use the platform effectively.

2. Extons provides multiple payment methods with cryptocurrency and fiat money both. This way users can use any method as he pleased and think the best suit for him. It can be sent from a direct bank or from the user's personal crypto wallet.

3. Extons use a multi-layer security protocol for preventing any attack. So users can trust and feel safe with the exchange for their funds located there. This will ensure trust between the user and the platform itself.

4. Extons charge low fees compared to many other top exchnage. It's applied for trading fees and withdraw fees both so it reduces user's cost of transactions. Also, this exchange is not controlled or run by any government so users can do their transactions anywhere.

5. Extons provide transparent transactions with high speed. There is no third party involved between them and users so the transaction can be very transparent and can be verified easily. They have some encrypted protection for user's money. Users will have control over their money and funds received and send from any place in the world. So it will create borderless finance.

6. Over 250 cryptocurrency market pair will be given to the user. That much pair will surely attract users from other exchanges so liquidity will not be any problem. In the cryptocurrency market, users like to change their trading assets to get maximum benefits from the market.

Wrap Up:

Cryptocurrency is a very unpredictable place. Binance didn't grow by night so every project needs some time, hard work, and support from its community. After taking a good look at this project the only thing I can say to users is don't let another chance to get away from your hands.

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Author: @thorex25

This article is not meant to give commercial or any other kind of advice. It is just an informative text at all.

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