When a 50-50 payout split is supposed to improve Steem

Yet your publication income drops by 33%
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IDK... it encourages curation; but there is much more work involved in thinking of a post. I think its more fair at 25% curation

08.07.2019 14:37

I think its more fair at 25% curation

Yes, I agree. And I would even go to 2%, or maybe let the publisher decide with a slider. To me that seems the best solution.

Then the Steemians who want it to be a market decided thing will be happy. And the producers who want to decide what they want to reward their customers/curators with are happy.

Everybody happy and in the long run it will become clear what works better. As it will move into a certain direction.

So I'd prefer a payout split slider solution.

08.07.2019 15:05