Steem veterans

The last of the first.

From the start, the first year, the first payout, it was them, that set the spirit free.

Last ones to go.

It was John, Adam, Steve and me, signing up together, voluntary, of course, no need to draft us to do what had to be done. Right from the start we were under enemy fire, on our first mission, defending freedom of expression, our weapon was the blockchain. "Ponzi scheme", people shouted, "Too good to be true", hah, how little did they know, we got payed alright, big time. Just a few got it, this was about more than getting payed, this was about our freedom! Three years now since it all began and as things got tough, many left. Steve was one of the first to go, he could not take the pressure anymore. The fighting, it did cost him all he had.

There were the internal fights, it was only about Steem, nothing else. Many captains and only one ship, the outsiders started to lose their interest, nobody wanted to join. It was all under attack from the outside, they wanted to shut us down. Once we stood tall, united, now it was chaos, all about Steem. The outside world, how would they ever understand, let alone join us, we were losing ground. And even I started to doubt. It seemed to drain my energy and I did not know what still was the use of all of this. This was not the alternative that I wanted to be a part of anymore.

It was just same-old, same-old, things that already had been proven wrong were somehow reinvented. Like a commercial for washing powder or liquid or what ever. Why not do it like it had been done before. Turn back to the old system, with a government, private banks and multinationals. Or maybe they were already here. The same message, the same story, the same fake dream and it took over the same way, like it failed before. Suits an skirts, not even knowing what a blockchain is, wanting the same economics, that had served them for so long.

No way that I would comply to that, not after getting this far. And while I saw many of the first hour Steem Veterans wanting the old ruling system in, I thought about getting out. As I saw that freedom of expression had been replaced by the rules of the Steem game. Maybe it was time for me to find a real alternative and join its ranks.

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While I have not been here as long as you, and was told to join by my son, I am also noticing that things are changing and I wonder if they are for the best. Hang in there, dig a big foxhole and wait it put.

27.07.2019 23:45

Will do, like the idea of a foxhole. Best thing to do I guess is to adapt to change. And make the best of it.

28.07.2019 06:25

pass me another shovel, the handle broke on the last one, ta :-)

30.07.2019 08:09


30.07.2019 09:06