Man drowned in beer keg.

During a tour.

People from the brewery did everything they could.

Could not safe him.

It happend during an extremely hot summers day. Temperatures way over 105 Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celcius.) In a Belgian brewery there was a tour, the third that day. That is when the tragedy happened. One of the guests fell into an open keg.

"It was in the Whisky Infused beer keg that the man fell.', said one of the brew-masters who was working there at the time. "He must have become delusional by the alcohol fumes.", the man wend on telling, "Because he kept fighting us off!"

Apparantly the man went under about seven times, before he finally sank to the bottom. Seems he even got out three times to take a leak. And then dived back in again.

It must have been awefull...


NB Yes, I know, it is based on a classical beer joke. But it is extremely hot overhere and I thought about not wanting to waste drinking water. Yet, instead drink beer, just to do my bit for mankind, with the climate change an all.

Remembered this kinda noir jocosity and made it into a short story, for the love of beer. And it is thirst-day, so no need for excuses. Drinking beer instead of water is a hell of a job, I know, but I volunteered anyway. So, beer on, for higher purposes!

Bring in the brews!

(Never got why anybody would ask to bring in the horse. Ah well, never mind the bollocks.)

PS If you think I totally lost it, then watch me burn some Steem later. (By sending it to the @null address, without using promotion!)

Saving drinking water, cause someone has to.
_Photo cc-by-sa @oaldamster._

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'Drinking beer instead of water is a hell of a job, I know, but I volunteered anyway. So, beer on, for higher purposes!'

With our king Willy having Water Management as his specialty this should at least result in a medal or being knighted asap ...

And ofcourse a 'Sir' title with immediate effect.
@Sir-oaldamster, Cheers!

25.07.2019 16:35

Hahaha, a medal okay.

But being knighted or getting a sir title, does that not involve handling a sword...!?

Now watching the video does not give me much confidence in him handling a sword very well.

Think he would succeed in beheading me. 😂

Reminds me of a Monthy Python movie, with that knight saying: "Non shall pass." Losing all his limbs... Still stating he will fight everybody that tries to pass. 😁

25.07.2019 18:23