Linux to the rescue.

Saving Windows 10.

Booting from DVD in Lubuntu LIVE.

Not the SSD this time.

Maybe I am a bit old-fashioned. Still using HDDs in my own systems. SDDs are fast, true, but once they fail, they do so drastically. At least in my experience. Most people do not keep back-ups either. Which I would advice when people use an SSD also for storing data. Making backups on an external drive is also some old-fashioned thing I guess. Because these days people put their digital stuff in some fluffy space in the zero and ones sky, also known as 'the Cloud'. Many still do not and when their SDD decides to quit it is a big bummer. So far most (windows) computers that stopped working had a, SSD that stopped functioning. Trying to explain that it depends on the amount of data written to it over time, can be a burden. As the system had been sold to them as it was supposed to be build to last. Of course these Solid State Drives {SDD} have become better over the years and the will improve more and more. But I'm still going for the good oal' Hard Disk Drive {HDD}.

The first thing I do when somebody brings me a defect PC is try to boot it up with a Linux Live CD/ DVD. Most of the time I do prefer to use Lubuntu for that. The LIVE version boots up fast and has most of the tools I need right away. Checking disks, first the SSD. Today it appeared the SSD drive was absolutely in perfect condition. The 1.5 TB {Tera Byte} HDD had only 19 bad sectors, not that bad given its enormous size. After the Windows 10 logo appeared it just halted, something with the bootup sequence going wrong badly. On the 'root' part there are a few dot sys files which I saw as the suspects. Renaming them, adding a 0 in front, was easy using Lubuntu. After which I rebooted the system and hey presto, there it was again, the Windows 10 Desktop. After a couple of checks, virus scans and stuff, I wanted to reboot the system, but it seemed to get stuck. Getting very slow in the proces. And it seemed something had turned off Microsoft defender...?

After breathing in-and-out a while trying to get into ZEN again, I managed to get the computer to turn off. After Windows 10 had done its Updates. That seems to take quite some time, so I could write this item. And probably have lunch too. Then try to start it again and have a look at what might have caused Microsoft Defender to stop working. Time for lunch now. And then some Crypto payments to fix, or to find out what wend wrong. Monday, not my favorite day of the week, but so far it has not been the worst start of the week ever.

Have great one!

This is a 'Decline Payout publication._

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