In Real Life.

Meet 'n greet.

With fellow Steemian @smasssh.

At home.

Smasssh and I already had a meet 'n greet when he was working in the neighbourhood of my hometown. We had a great time back then, talking Cryptos and Steem amongst many other things. With enough left to talk about for another time. Also a great opportunity to share a couple of beers, of the special brew kind.

This time at the castle of my family and me. It is just a house really. But you know, a man his home is his castle. So good fellow, gentleman and friend Smasssh was also to meet my queen and princess. (Yes, sorry, I'm moving a bit further with the castle theme here.) And it is always nice to meet up with a great person like Smasssh. Coffee first, together with the family, talking, having a good time. (Thanks again for the gifts Amigo!)

Steemian talk.

After that we moved outside, both Steemians, to start the beer testing. Smasssh had brought a few bottles of Fire and Flame {NL: Vuur en Vlam} and I had gotten a few of my favorite ones in. Kwak, Gerardus Triple, La Trappe Quadrupel and to save the best for last: the Gouden Carolus, whisky infused. That one we did not get to. As he had a two hour drive home ahead at one point, we stopped drinking beer in time. (Yes, it was responsible drinking.)

Of course we talked about Steem. The upcoming hardfork, the future of Steem and other Cryptocurrencies. And about 'the purgening' where a lot of Cryptos will go into oblivion. From forks, ICOs all the way to Tokens. Just like a shopping mall, where a jeans store opens. And it becomes an instant hit. After word gets out one new jeans store after another opens up.

Not because of the joy of selling great jeans. But it seems there is money to be made. After such a thing peaks, most of the time a purge follows. There is limit set to how many jeans a person can wear... Steem is an unique system, the first one of its kind. So it is hard to imagine it will not stay around for the long run.

Time flies.

Drinking beer, talking about Steem and other real life stuff can build up an appetite. And for this special occassion I prepared Indonesian food. Joined again by my family we all had a real good time enjoying the food and a nice conversation. Sharing diner with friends and family is a tradition, I guess shared by many around the world. Downside to this is the risk of over eating. But it is worth it.

Desert? No room left for that. And Smassh and I continued the talk we had. No more beer, as he had to drive home sober, of course. Time flew by and outside it got dark. Still lots of things to talk about. So we can pick up next time where we left off. Then it will be my turn to travel. And for now I can say I had a great time with a good friend. Looking forward to the follow up.

This is one of those nice things of Steem as a platform. Getting in contact with people that can be met in real life, who become friends. Distance can be a challenge sometimes, as Steem is a global phenomena. But one never knows what opportunity might cross ones path. That way I had the pleasure of meeting (Englishtchr) Ivy and her husband in real life already. And also Smasssh for the sexond time. Good friends, sharing good times, what more is there to wish for?

Have a great one!

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In the words of Steve Irwin ... Crikey, what a beauty!


Just for the pic still on the fridge.
But right now in the fridge (with a cover around), to get the temperature back to 10 - 12 degrees.
To my sister's birthday in half an hour, but when I'm back this rare delicacy will be waiting for me to sink in.

Thanks again for the hospitality, also of your queen and princess ofcourse.
Looking forward to the follow up too.

Cheers mate!

04.08.2019 10:32

Hahaha, I actually heard the: "Crikey, what a beauty!" inside my head with an Australian accent.

The best saved for last. :-) The 'Gouden Carolus - Whisky Infused', cooled, a nice way to enjoy a peacefull evening.

And it was our pleasure mate! Congrats and have a great sunday!


04.08.2019 10:44

Just got home. Bbq and more beers.
Drinking the Whiskey infused now would feel to me like an offense to Gouden Carolus.
Gonna save the bottle for tomorrow to really enjoy it.


04.08.2019 18:22

Monday will never be the same! πŸ˜ŽπŸΊπŸ‘

04.08.2019 20:22

Hahaha. One of the few times I'm looking forward to and drag me through a Monday.

04.08.2019 20:38


04.08.2019 21:45

But you know, a man his home is his castle.

Made me think about this movie sceen straight away:

04.08.2019 19:59

"...Every (English) man his home is his castle!..." ☺ Indeed.

04.08.2019 20:28

oi, oi, oi
waneer komt mijn buurt huh Oaldamst? hmmp!

wahahahha ~~ grapje!
nou, zou leuk zijn toch?

06.08.2019 13:45


Heeee Ivy!

Ja, de deur staat hier nog steeds open hoor! ;-) Laat maar weten wanneer. :-)

Zou zeker leuk zijn!

06.08.2019 15:28

you told about your meeting with great pleasure and love.
Good friends, sharing good times, what more is there to wish for? - great words!

smasssh's photos of beer are exactly what your story needs to be complete and full of relax and harmony mood that you had;)

07.08.2019 04:58

It is one of the beautifull things of being alive.

07.08.2019 09:46

Ahhh wish I was there with you guys!!!!!!maybe someday though

09.08.2019 01:00

Someday a great Steemian meet-n-greet, that would be awesome!

09.08.2019 09:26