GO 300 billion market cap!

23 days left until 2020.

It can be done, Cryptos gaining popularity again.

Let it grow, let it grow!

Ho ho ho, merry Cryptos and a bullish new year! It is that time of the year again, the final countdown!

Let's sing together our own "Do they know it's Cryptos time!?" You know, that song others took and made a version of their own, tsk tsk tsk...

The song you can find at MobyPicture:


The Lyrics

It's Cryptostime,
Ignore the FUD and let it go.
At Cryptostime,
We take the highs and leave the lows.
And in our realm of plenty,
we can spread the joy of wealth.
Spread the word around the world
and triple down.

Bee Tee eF Dee,
And let that FOMO go.
At Cryptostime it's tough,
when you're just HODlin on.
Devaluating world-econ'o'my,
Let's end the reign of fiat fear.
When the markets pump 'n dumpin'.
It's the realm of bulls and bears.
And the Crypto trades are growin'.
Cheers to that with a special brew.
Well today thank STEEM it's them
for pullin' through!

And there won't be gold in Bankersworld this Cryptostime.
Soon their biggest scam it will be gone.
Cause we know what really grows.
It is the market cap that shows.
Do they know it's Cryptostime at all?

Here's to you raise 'n gain for everyone.
Here's to them that soon will get them some.
Do they know it's Cryptostime at all?

Spread the wealth!
Spread the wealth!

Spread the wealth!

Let them know it's Cryptostime and...

Lyrics and image cc-by-sa 2017..2019++ @oaldamster.
Lead vocals by Lohaim.

Song recorded at Homebrew Studio Oldambt.

Song hosted at _Mobypicture_:


Comments 5

Congralations brother..

08.12.2019 12:56

Yessszzzz, i can be done: Then reality strikes hahaha Ok Ok, lets sing all together and maybe we can push for the tipping point

08.12.2019 22:51

Let it be heard, it is Cryptos time, sing it to the tipping point, 300 billion mark here we come!

At least we would have had fun singing together! 😁

09.12.2019 06:48

hahaha :)

29.12.2019 14:30

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08.12.2019 23:21