{A reply to a fear, uncertanty, doubt Tweet that I made earlier}

Since when is: 'Not a fan', the same as: 'I will ban' !?

If mr. Trump would state he is a fan of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies he would lose his own deal. He has to stand up for the USA$. It's part of his MAGA campaign.

So, what if a meteor struck earth?

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If a meteor struck then at least a sock full of $ coins would be a good cosh, unfortunately bit coins are so rare all you would have is an empty sock, which wouldnt get your message accros very well.
There seems to be a bit of sense in all of his madness

15.07.2019 22:12

The line about 'the meteor' was to point out how absurd the whole 'what if' conversation on Twitter was about the 'not a fan' statement. Which somehow turned into a 'I will ban' thing, apparantly.

What I ment to point out with the meteor part was that it could easily have turned the 'not a fan' into a thing like 'a meteor could strik earth and then what?'

We would probably not even survive a juge meteor crashing into earth. But if, and we really wanted to restart the money thing all over again, then the cold hard cash left somewhere could be used to kickstart the old system again.

It could be a whole new theme, 'what if a huge meteor did strike the earth...' Story material.

15.07.2019 22:42

the comment was made with a large tongue in cheek.
The older I get the less serious I become if I can get away with it. :-)

16.07.2019 05:31

Sometimes I am a bit lost in determining the tongue in cheek things. Think I better unwind a bit, hahaha.

16.07.2019 05:52