Do I

Or dont I?

The house of cards about to fall in on itself.

Do not mention the C word...

No TV, no radio, been a while like that. Never felt any remorse about that choice. The girls got their 'flix'. Could not give a rats ass about that either. No need to have TV, Radio, Paper or webnews channels, people will tell you if the shit hits the fan. Even if you would prefer the did not do so. In line at a supermarket, somebody will turn around at you: "Have you heard...!?" No, and I do not want too either. Do they care? No, it is social to be nice. So heck, give it to me, I'll swallow the lot. It is not even information, it is fear, own thoughts: "You know what I think...!?" Stating that I do not and I do not even want too, well that would be anti-social, now would it, eh? News sucks, as it is old. It has already happened, often elsewhere and without my consent. Saudia Arabia and Iran bombing the shit out off Yemen. Who the fucking hell pays them to be able to do that! Please let those people die instead of all the civilians they kill, calling it colateral damage. FUCK THAT! DAMN THEM!

It feels weird. My daughter having discussions with fellow students.To go to school or not go to school. People keep their kids at home. Fuck the government. There are so many things that trigger me lately. Tying the knots together, sometimes I am so tired of doing so. Lately everthing seems to crash at once. It seems the world needs some serious unfucking, like as good friend once shared a videoclip that stated so. It is almost feels like I want a black hole to swallow all at once. Silence, peace of mind, for fucking once! In contrast, it is so strange, my foster brother / best friend and I had a great evening. Drinking beer, our once a week meeting. Inbetween talking about all kinds of things. That thing that wend viral... Sure, that too. Hard to escape these days, eh? Still I find it hard to escape the idea of: mass media equals mass hysteria. Somebody once asked me if I did not miss watching TV, listening to the radio, reading the paper and viewing news websites. My answer: "No, when I see a big mushroom cloud in the sky, that will be the last news I'll ever see and will never be able to share." The rest I would just feel just powerless about.

Rant? No fucking way!

This aint no rant. It is so strange that people think that when one freely expresses ones feelings it has to be classified as a rant, when it is not funny, or something like that. Bollocks, I'd say. Does it have to be classified, do I need a shrink? Fuck that. One thing I like about a platform like Steem is the abbility I have for freedom of expression. If one doe dislike that, move on, stop reading. Do you know, at this point I even forgot if there was a point I did want to make. Sure the Cryptos crashed, while I thought it was a safe haven. There goes the savings for my offspring. But hey, there are far more worse things. So even if I should have been in bed by now, I know that a new day will set a new light on current situations. Sometimes life keeps giving lemons and the limonade that had already been made did not even get sold. Still, every second is a new one, every exhale is followd by an inhale (if you are lucky, of course). So what makes us human is to make the best of any situation that life presents to us.

So, hey, dear fellow human who got this far reading. Hang in there, cause after every dark night there will be new daylight.

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Wish I had time to react mate but have to go to finish job. Will try tonight. Latex.

13.03.2020 04:40

Goodmorning Amigo, I know. 😉👍
Have a good day.


13.03.2020 04:48