Clash of the Crypto Titans

The Tulip Trust part 3

BSV already crushed BCH, next up XRP...

BTC still the one.

Bitcoin, there can only be one, but isn't this flipping exciting, or what? Now before I wend for my daily walk, I already prepared the image for this publication, when BCH was still in front of BVS. Amazing how fast they swapped position. And I am actually looking forward to both BVS and BCH kicking XRP out. It has been a while since the Cryptos realm had given us this much entertainment. Almost ready to pop a cap, when the market goes beyond the 250 billion mark.
"What!? Beer on a weekday?", you ay ask. Yes, when there is a reason to celebrate, absolutely. And this is a bull-run, the first of 2020, or so it seems. While the old-economy goes for negative interest on savings and so called inflation tries to hide the devaluation of bankers-money, Cryptos rock. Even some of the ones that stayed behind at first, liike DASH, recentl started to kick some serious arse. And I guess some investments will flow back into the Crypto-Currentcy market.

Even Dogecoin seems on the verge of a breakthrough. It almost started to look like a sstable- coin agai. But DOGE might jump soon. And you may ask yourrself: "What about Steem?" Well,there are signs that it might follow the lead of the Crypto Titans. Maybe Smart Media Tokens {SMT} will be released at an excellent time. Together with the Hives concept and being an App platform, that started out as a Media Publication one, it could gain the right amount of attention to get back in top.

The Splinterlands connection

But, I must admit, I am a bit hypa hypa. Feeling the Crypto rush running through my veins. Also got a bit pumped by playing around with Splinterlands (known before as Steemmonsters). Even made a Guild, a Nederish one, invite only. Finally got an Epic card and a golden one. Lost most battles, but had a lot of fun. And I have to warn you, it can be somewhat addictivve. In cae you wonder where the images came from that I used in this article: Splinterlands.

On top is Prince Julian as BTC, left under that is Scale Doctor as BSV (LOL) and finally Drake Of Arnak as BCH. The golden Prince Julian card is actually worth 18'000 USA Dollar. Maybe one of these days we can buy one using a single Bitcoin {BTC}? By that time I think BSV and BCH will be close to a 1'000 $, or even more. Okay enough already, it is almost bedtime and my adrenaline level needs to go down a bit. Anyway Crypto days are here again, cheers!

Please note: Only invest what you are willing and able to lose.

May the Cryptos be with us!

BTC 1, BSV 2 and BCH 3
_Images courtesy of https://splinterlands.io_

Comments 2 love for splinterlands wax's stronger everyday.......i noticed a drop in the market cap...I was wondering what might have led to it with its recent drop in dec value too


I guess its normal....whale moves....I just want to keep informed in this new system as much as possible. So did you also notice? And what do you feel?

Anyway Crypto days are here again, cheers!

this is a tiny bull run, in respect of what is coming....there will be a bull run that CNN will air lol....thats the one im looking for lool....

14.01.2020 22:32

Funny that you mention WAX, as that blockchain (EOS fork) will also be incorporated into Splinterlands. In a way it is EOS being connected to Steem. 😃

The marketcap drop I did not notice. And though it looks like about 1 million, this might be an effect caused by _the Clash of the Titans, in a way. Temporarily in nature. At the end spot it looks like it is going back up again.

And imagine a gigantic bull-run being aired on all mainstream media channels. Now that would surely shake things up. Even pulling more investments in.

Still think 100 million for one BTC, but not betting any meat part of mine on that. 😁

14.01.2020 22:51