Beem test 2

For posting

Using Python3 in Lubuntu Linux.

Some simple coding

To create a publication on the Steem blockchain can be quite simple using Python3. That is if you have the programming language installed. And also needed would be Beem, a Python library, created by fellow Steemian Holger80, also a long time Steem member, actually has created some tutorials for those who want to learn some Python. This kind of publication is mostly to share my 'Python3 / Beem' testing experiences with you. Actually this post was 'reserved' published using a small Beem script.

Basically it looks like this in Python3 sourcecode. (It is just a textfile, that used Geanny for to edit it.)

from beem import Steem
steem = Steem(node=[""])
steem.wallet.unlock("yourwalletunlockcode")"Title", "Content", author="YourSteemAccountName", tags=["tag1", "tag2", "tag3", "tag4", "tag5", "tag6", "tag7", "tag8"])

For my own scripts I make use of the build in Beem Wallet to store my Oaldamster Steem account Active and Post key. This can be done using the command line using BeemPy. For this I would advice you to read the online Beem documentation. In a later publication I will show how I used the steem.wallet.unlock function in another application. This way I do not need to expose the actual keys all the time. And for these kind of programs I merely need to use the Active and Post key. (It might even be safer to only use those two.)

Smart storage

Next Python3/ Beem publication I will share a small script that lets makes interaction with the Steem blockchain possible in a Smart way. It can be done in just a few lines of code. But it becomes interesting when used in combination with one or more automated projects. Or maybe in a game? With Smart Media Tokens {SMT} just around the corner this could become a very exciting time for dApp developers. And it will really show the world what be done with a powerful blockchain like Steem.

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