Autumn, the final harvest.


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Oh man, they look healthy, are they outdoors?

06.09.2019 07:17

Yes, they are outdoors (at my Mums place). Pure and natural, nice soft with a sweet taste.

06.09.2019 10:07

Very good! I planted some this year but no idea how they will cope with winter!

06.09.2019 10:40

There is a good chance they'll survive winter. It can be quite tough for grapes to deal with the Northern climate.

But as there are warmer temperatures on average overhere they tend to do better. This year even relatively great.

Good luck growing them and thumbs up for a nice 2020 'Wegian homegrown grapes harvest!

06.09.2019 10:56

Haha, if I can get anything from them at all I will be lucky. It's damn hard growing things here! I think you might just edge it over us in warmth slightly!!

06.09.2019 11:44

There is a bit more of a challenge, temperature wise, I can imagine. A greenhouse might do the trick though.

Off to Mums again, finishing the windshield placement and getting some more of them grapes! 😁👍

Have a great weekend mate!

06.09.2019 13:05

ik zei .. proost!
laat maar de herfst komen ...

10.09.2019 11:17

nl Ze waren heerlijk!

10.09.2019 20:41